Sunday, 10 June 2018

My journey in photography so far!

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I already shared some of the basics regarding photography here.

Using the color theory to make the image pop is another aspect I have learnt. Red, yellow, blue are the primary colors. Green, orange, purple are the secondary colors. Right now, I am experimenting to take the pictures with black background and white background.

 For taking pictures with a black ground:-

- Choose the subject where the light is on the subject and the background is in shade. Point the camera such that the shade part is the background. Lower your exposure a little bit.
- Later on, you can edit the picture either in windows or mobile.
- I used Snapseed app in mobile. This one is really a great processing app for mobile even for beginners. I edit most of my pictures in it.


After snapseed  processing. (though I didn't edit the above pic perfectly)
 Some more examples are shown!

For taking pictures with a white background:-

- Place the subject with any white background.

Original picture.

After processing. I have removed the stem part through healing feature available in Snapseed and expanded the picture using expand feature. Also, did a little tuning process.

The above image is actually a combination of three pictures. I did this using double exposure feature in snapseed. This isn't very pleasing but I just tried. ;)

Some squirrel clicks I took at the Leisure valley, Chandigarh using manual focus.

Some still life photography pictures.

Food photography! Mango hearts!

This one is a mobile shot (Beautiful sunsets)! At Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh!

I took all the pictures using Sony DSC-HX9V. Photography is my passion. Currently, I'm learning photography online in Udemy. They are really good sources of information. How many of tried Udemy already?

If you have similar interests like me, feel free to connect with me on Instagram where I'm more active. I'm also available on Facebook. I would be glad to know you. :) Thank you for spending your valuable time on my blog!

Happy clicks! :)

Sunday, 13 May 2018

A journey to the hills : Solan diaries! Part -2

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I got a chance to see the village people and their lifestyle. Scroll down to see the picture stories by me.

 Nasturtiums in the guest house garden.

 Roses in the garden!

There is an old established famous brewery production here in Solan, named Mohan Meakin limited.

Creative wind chimes using cans!

A swing is a must in the garden!

We can find pine trees all through the hills.

Some wild plant's bolting! 

Abandoned  wooden bird houses!

Do you see the small sections of farm land?

In the above picture, you find a group of white buildings. And that's a small village. We can find clusters of small villages on the hills. And the whole village people belong to the same family mostly.

Coriander bolting!

Apple blossoms!

Kachnar flowers! These are edible. And these trees can be seen everywhere on the hills. They have medicinal value too.


Frames! Some how I end up taking a lot of frames like above ones! ;)

Entrance to Shoolini Mata temple, Solan.

Inside the Shoolini Devi temple! This one is a very famous temple out there. People believe that their wishes come true here.

Shoolini Mata along with their family members!  The original Idol is believed to be stolen!

Every year there is huge mela celebrated here in Solan in the name of  Shoolini mata. On those three days, people come from various places too. Langar (Free meals) is also provided in this mela.

Night view of Solan!

Pathways and farm lands!

Path ways and farm lands!

Do you see the big cluster of trees? On the hills, where ever there is plenty of underground water at a place, You find these thick trees.

Fig tree! Have a look at the figs on the branches.

A village board! 

 Cooking area!

A Tulsi plant is worshiped everywhere in India!

Mohan Shakti Heritage park which is located near to Solan! This place has got many man made sculptures. One must see this place if travelling to Solan. When I went inside, I felt so peaceful. Inside, it's very quite, cool, calm & spacious.The walls inside are beautifully designed. 
We find different eye catching sculptures of idols of Hindu God's and Goddesses.
Also, there is a langar over there.( free meals)

 Thinned out Capsicum saplings in the farm!

Sunset view!

Cultivation on the hills!

Sunset frame!

The crops are left to bolting to collect seeds! Most of the crops are Cauliflower, potatoes, onions, garlic, capsicum, fenugreek etc

This picture is a lot more memorable one for me. The hill people I met are so humble and smiley.
All the family members in that area cook together and eat together.  Every day is a big gathering in the kitchen and it sounds just like a festival/party for me. ;) I really got  impressed by their culture.

Where as we most of us dine alone in cities and towns.

And on the day we packed up to leave, the cool sunny weather became into a cloudy one and that one is also scenic for me! We can find the dark clouds approaching us and how it rains in the valley is just beautiful to see.

Happy trips!

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